Goal Accomplished!!

Updated: October 4, 2023

I can’t believe it – it feels surreal… I accomplished a HUGE goal TODAY!!! When I set out on my weight loss journey in the winter of 2022, I had this crazy goal of going from 209 pounds to 150 pounds… It took me a year to lose the first 50 pounds and another 8 months to lose the next 9 pounds.

In the process, I wrote a book about my journey and the journey of 8 other people who also “lost 50 after 50” (website: www.losing50after50.com) My biggest hope with my personal journey and the book is that there will be a day when my book readers share incredible stories of their own successful weight loss journeys. They, too, will have reclaimed their health and gotten their bodies back!! I don’t know if a follow-up weight loss book is in my future, but if it is, I will absolutely share those exciting stories!

This picture was taken 5 days ago…I felt like a million dollars in that size SMALL dress. The last time I wore a size small dress was probably in high school or early college (more than 30 years ago).

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