Praise for Losing 50 After 50!


November 26, 2023

What caught my eye was the phrase in chapter 6 "You know better, so do better". I am down about 15 pounds in the last four months - and on the way to be down another 25 pounds in the next year. Blessings to you, Katie, for putting together the success stories... Read More


October 3, 2023

A collection of real life examples of real life people who found a way to lose the weight that had been holding them back from living the life they wanted. No two stories are the same but they all have something in common (besides being over 50 years old and losing 50... Read More

Katrina L

October 3, 2023

What a great read! And support in your journey! I myself have struggled with weight loss for years. And wanted to give up. Katie’s book has made me excited and motivated to make lifestyle changes. No more excuses. The very first chapter had me hooked and very intrigued to read more. What... Read More


October 3, 2023

There are so many different books on the market that focus on diets and health. Trust me, I know! I have read stacks and stacks of them, most offering a singular, one-size-fits-all approach to losing weight. This book is so different! The author created a unique book that initially stemmed from her... Read More


October 1, 2023

I started reading this book to see what others have done. I soon learned that it was a way for me to develop a lifestyle for myself by taking parts of others style and making one for myself. thank you Katie for showing others it’s never to late to achieve your goals.


September 20, 2023

This book will let you know that there are many ways to lose weight it is just do you really want to and where is your mind set. I think this is a great motivational book to get started no matter what foods you want to eat and it is about changing... Read More


September 20, 2023

This book is great because it tells of the weight loss journey of various people. Since we're all unique and we all have different likes and dislikes, it stands to reason that a weight loss plan that works for one person, may not work at all for another. By sharing the various... Read More


September 11, 2023

I was interested in reading Losing 50 After 50 because I just planned a beach trip for December and I needed some extra motivation to lose some weight. I have gained and lost the same twenty pounds since I was in my teens. What is unique about this book is that it... Read More


September 3, 2023

This book is inspiring and extremely motivating. It’s not a diet book telling you eat this and not that. It’s stories of real people my age and what they did. I learned so much and I am motivated to make some simple changes to my mindset and food choices. I recommend this... Read More


September 2, 2023

I am over 50 and currently on a weight loss journey. Her philosophy that this is a journey and not a diet is an approach for success. I loved how the book showed different people with their goals, struggles, tips and diet plans. Each person gave me a tip that I am... Read More


September 1, 2023

This book was so encouraging and not the typical "diet" book. Katie shares how she lost her weight and why she did it. She then went on to interview several others who had a similar motivation to lose weight but all of them did it in their own way. This is a... Read More


August 29, 2023

If you are trying to lose 5 pounds or 55 pounds or just trying to restore yourself to better health, the newly released book "Losing 50 After 50: Reclaim Your Health and Get Your Body Back" can make a significant impact. It is like a companion and friend to support you in... Read More


August 28, 2023

A wonderful book about shedding pounds and adopting a healthier lifestyle. This book offers practical tips, balanced advice, and motivation for anyone on their weight loss journey. Katie includes inspiring stories, from different perspectives about achieving lasting results. Definitely worth reading!


August 28, 2023

Wow… An incredible read that captures inspiring stories of people “making their decision creating their plan and getting their body back”. Katie does an amazing job bringing inspiration and motivation to readers through the weigh-loss stories of others. An absolutely awesome read!!!


August 28, 2023

This is an inspiring book for me personally as I approach turning 40. I have had concerns, much like Katie describes as she approached 50, questioning if it is too late to really make lasting changes and can I do the work required in order to do so? Hearing her story inspires... Read More


August 28, 2023

This book is a refreshing and light read, but most importantly, inspiring! I've read LOTS of books on health that have covered the gamut on every possible weight loss plan there is. They all go into the science of how everything works, give detailed meal plans that showcase all of the meals... Read More


August 24, 2023

Katie Owen is an incredible story teller and woman. This book, with its personalized chapters of people who know the struggle is real, makes complete sense in this day and age. Losing 50 After 50 is charming, authentic, and gives the reader (me) great hope that living life at its fullest is... Read More


August 24, 2023

Very practical and an easy read too! Katie's book will inspire you to better health.


August 24, 2023

This book has given me so much motivation and especially since I am in my 50's. Loved the testimonials. It's a MUST READ!


August 24, 2023

Trying to lose weight at 65 is hard. This book made me realize that whatever method I choose to lose the weight has to be sustainable, and not just a quick fix. It's important to develop habits and patterns that work for me. After reading "Losing 50 After 50" I was inspired... Read More


August 24, 2023

Losing 50 After 50, by Katie Owen is a life changing story that teaches you, there’s is not just ONE way to approach a lifestyle change. But, it’s a plan, you design, with room for inspiration and forgiveness. This is your journey. This book gives you a glimpse into not just one... Read More


August 24, 2023

Loved the book! A fast read written with humor and inspiration. Expert advice shared by people over 50 who have lost the weight. Multiple road maps to losing weight after age 50. Katie has chosen people to include her book who are traveling the weight loss journey and accomplishing their goal. No... Read More


August 24, 2023

Just finished Katie's book. It was very informative and well written. The personal stories and insights were very helpful in helping you make your own decisions and plans that work for you. The workbook will be an excellent help for motivating you to get started and maintaining your drive to continue your... Read More


August 24, 2023

Thank you for this amazing book. Hearing from real people is so inspiring. Such an easy read, you can’t put it down, and I take away tips from each person to create my own journey. My goal is to be in your next book. Anyone that has tried everything needs to read... Read More


August 24, 2023

This book has shown real life weight losses for real people! Very easy to read, lots of inspirational messages. Katie has done a fantastic job!


August 23, 2023

As a woman who is nearly 50, and who has struggled with the ups and downs of dieting for many years, I enjoyed this book so much. I read a chapter or two each morning when as I started my day and found myself looking forward to the next chapter. Each chapter... Read More


August 23, 2023

Katie Owen’s Losing 50 after 50 combines inspiring stories with practical steps that make developing a healthy lifestyle accessible for anybody who picks up this book. Hearing why the people featured in Katie’s book chose to make a change inspired me to take inventory of my own life. I especially resonate with... Read More


August 23, 2023

With weight loss on everyone's consciousness these days, it is great to have a mindset template that is individualized. This makes adherence to a daily "program" easier because you WANT to do it for YOU. Not for others. This book will do just that for you. And the price is right too... Read More


August 23, 2023

An inspiring read for anyone wanting to lose weight at any age! Each person's story is relatable and offers hope! Proving there isn't just one way, but depending on your body and level of commitment there is a way for anyone at any age to reach and maintain your weight goal.


August 23, 2023

I was part of Katie Owen’s launch team of her new book, Losing 50 After 50: Reclaim your health and get your body back. I am a supporter for maintaining our health as we get older. I found this book helpful because it provides various perspectives and experiences from people who successfully... Read More


August 23, 2023

Weight loss, ugh! Another diet? Another miracle pill? Losing 50 After 50 is a frank and honest description of struggles and obstacles faced when embarking on any weight loss journey. It is relatable to anyone looking for an achievable path to sustainable weight loss. The author shares real and practical methods she... Read More


August 23, 2023

This book is amazing! I have learned so much from each person who has their own magnificent story in this book. Did you know that losing one pound of weight takes four pounds of weight off of your joints? I've learned that it's ok to eat things you like, but in moderation.... Read More


August 22, 2023

Losing weight is hard; losing weight when you are over 50 can feel downright impossible. Katie’s book helps make that feeling just a little more possible. Katie tells of her own personal weight loss journey and that of others on a quest to live healthier lives after the age of 50. Each... Read More


August 22, 2023

Wow! This book is pure gold. I absolutely love the way this book reads... So many books are a specific plan and you have to follow it exactly or you'll fail. They feel so overwhelming. What Katie has put together is marvelous because you can truly pick and choose from experiences others... Read More


August 22, 2023

As a person who has struggled with her weight since my late twenties (now 52), I appreciate that this book wasn't a "how to" book. It is a compilation of inspiring stories of real people and how they took control of their health back. It made me want to continue to strive... Read More


August 21, 2023

Many of us who need to lose weight know what needs to be know, less calories consumed and more calories used. It is simple. However, what is not so simple is making the decision and having a workable plan. Katie's book not only describes the reasons why we should lose weight... Read More


August 21, 2023

There are multiple roads that lead to Rome, so to speak, when it comes to fat loss. It's cool to read about the different roads people took to successfully lose weight. Reading the stories might just be the inspiration you need to start for yourself! 


August 21, 2023

Losing 50 after 50 is an inspiring book for me personally as I approach turning 40. I have had concerns, much like Katie describes as she approached 50, questioning if it is too late to really make lasting changes and can I do the work required in order to do so? Hearing... Read More


August 20, 2023

Phenomenal! Losing 50 After 50- Reclaim Your Health and Get Your Body Back! by Katie Owen, is a book that you will NEVER put back on the shelf!  It will LIVE on your bedside table for easy reference and encouragement to read over and over again. I found it to be filled... Read More


August 17, 2023

“Losing 50 After 50: Reclaim your health and get your body back!” is an inspiring weight loss book that delves deep into the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of achieving a healthier lifestyle. Authored by Katie Owen, this book blends expert advice, motivational insights, and personal narratives to create a roadmap that... Read More


August 16, 2023

What I love most about this book is that it's not trying to sell a gimmicky, one-size-fits-all weight loss strategy. Katie devised a plan incorporating specific lifestyle changes that produced solid results. Unsurprisingly, she was enthusiastic about sharing these methods with others so they could share in her success. But she soon... Read More


August 16, 2023

WOW!!!! This is such an amazing read! Better yet, it felt as though I was having a conversation with each person in each chapter. As I am six months from turning 50, I have started the journey, and could not be more ecstatic about your book. This is going to stay close... Read More


August 16, 2023

Katie’s book is a great read for those who need inspiration to begin or recommit to their weight loss journey.  The book is an easy read (for those of us who do not have weeks to get through a book), light (lots of comedic winks) and does not leave you feeling guilty... Read More


August 15, 2023

Katie’s book is refreshing and genuinely helpful to those needing direction and encouragement in their weight loss journey.


August 13, 2023

The book Losing 50 After 50 is an inspirational and motivating book.  It is relatable, packed full of practical information and maybe more importantly, it gives a variety of perspectives and experiences for losing weight after middle-age.  Throughout my life, I never struggled with being overweight.  I was always naturally strong and... Read More


August 9, 2023

I love that the book has an easy, concise workbook to go right along with your reading!   The book is a collection of stories about how different people with completely different mindsets and journeys accomplished their weight loss goals.  The workbook encouraged me to jot down the parts and pieces of each... Read More


August 9, 2023

I recommend this book 100%! What a fun read! I never thought I’d say that about a weight loss book, but there it is! Katie Owen’s writing is friendly, fresh, insightful, intelligent, and respectful. This book is so encouraging with all its stories on how people have lost weight. She introduces nine... Read More


August 8, 2023

I read it and love it!  I read the book in one day because I couldn’t put it down. I am so inspired by everyone’s progress and the lifestyle changes and the tips. I liked how everyone had success in different ways and I ordered the hair kit immediately! How inspiring everyone's... Read More


August 5, 2023

Great book! I would recommend this book to anyone desiring to get rid of their excess weight.


August 5, 2023

Congratulations Katie! This book is very inspiring. If you are interested in losing weight, you will find many different ideas that worked for others. The one thing in all the stories is that you, yourself, have to want to lose weight to be successful. I hope this book is a big success... Read More


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