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Updated: January 8, 2024

This is embarrassing, but I’m going to post it anyway…

So, did you gain any weight over the holidays? I did!

Full transparency…I gained a total of 12 pounds. I went from my low of 150 pounds (10/4/23) to a recent high of 162 pounds (12/21/23). Ugh!!

However, instead of being mad at myself, I decided to do the following:

1. Accept the fact that I just finished working the busiest 3 months of my year (October, November & December are huge Medicare enrollment months). Increased stress can cause increased weight gain.

2. Appreciate that I also just came off 3 months of busy traveling. It’s challenging to eat really well when traveling. Not impossible, just challenging.

3. Accept the fact that I enjoyed some foods that I normally don’t eat: homemade sugar cookies (one of my absolute favorites; especially my personal, gluten-free recipe) and chocolate (I’m sorry, but who can say “no” to chocolate over the holidays?).

4. Remind myself that I know how to lose weight since I’ve done it before (and recently).

5. Commit to doing the same things I did to lose 59 pounds in the first place.

I’m happy to report that I’m already down 5 pounds…now weighing 157 pounds. And I’m committing (publicly) that I will once again get back to 150 pounds, no matter how long it takes! What are you willing to commit to? Put your commitment in the comments below and let me cheer you on!

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